Convenience Stores as Essential Businesses

convenience stores

  In many ways, convenience stores are considered essential businesses because they are an important part of the food supply, in addition to providing gas and other services to customers. It is convenience stores that play a crucial role in the economy. In the case of an economy disruption, such as with the COVID-19 pandemic…

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Marketing Strategies for Convenience Store Owners

convenience store

  Having a consistent flow of customers through the doors of your convenience store requires using marketing tools that will result in repeat business. Rather than waiting to see what the larger chain convenience stores are doing down the street, taking a proactive marketing approach can help convenience store owners stay ahead of the competition.…

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How to Attract More Customers to Your Store


  No matter where your convenience store is located, there are many ways to attract more customers and encourage them to increase their spend. The goal of many business owners is to find out how they can increase their profits by getting more customers interested in their product and visit their store more often. This…

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Offering More than Convenience: What Consumers Need


    Convenience stores are built around the idea that consumers want a fast and easy method for purchasing items throughout the day. For years, c-stores have relied on gas and tobacco sales to keep their business profitable. But gas and cigarettes shouldn’t be the only products. Convenience Consider Food Service Convenience From large chain…

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The Grand 7th Opportunity

Grand 7th

A Business Opportunity Grand 7th is providing entrepreneurs with an unprecedented opportunity in the convenience store market to own your own Grand 7th franchise. Grand 7th is a convenience store franchise that is breaking the mold on the traditional bland convenience store franchise by offering a variety of unique services and locally sourced products. We…

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