Grand 7th Franchising




Franchising Opportunity

Grand 7th is proud to announce that we are extending our family through Franchising opportunities! The Grand 7th line of convenience store is a revolutionary state-of-the-art business model that encourages stocking each location with local products and a wide variety of food and pharmaceuticals. Grand 7th Franchising aims to spread the seed that owner Firas Hussain planted in 1995, when he opened his first convenience store with the purpose of serving his neighborhood with a swift and simple shopping solution for busy people on the go.

A Unique Concept

With more than two decades of operating experience and multiple locations across diverse neighborhoods, Firas refined his concept and established the foundation for Grand 7th Franchising. We keep each of our stores unique by partnering with local vendors and stocking each location with diverse and delicious products that are healthy and environmentally friendly. We also provide a wide variety of pharmacy products for those seeking medicine, while partnering with pharmacists to provide easy access at your local pharmacy.

High Quality Products

Grand 7th Franchising allows you to cover all angles and provide 360-degree service to serve customers’ needs above and beyond a typical convenience store. Instead of the bland inventory found in the same convenience stores across the country, Grand 7th keeps its shelves freshly stocked with a wide variety of fresh products from different local vendors. We also provide services such as takeout meals, storage lockers, and package pickup. Best of all, Grand 7th Franchising convenience stores are open 24 hours to maximize customer value and growth, and we even have award-winning restaurants in-house at a few of our locations!

Customer Experience

Franchises and convenience stores may seem like a copy-paste to some, but Grand 7th breaks this stereotype and proves the business world wrong by providing top quality service and uniquely sourced products at any and all Grand 7th Franchise locations. Our staff is expertly trained in customer service and provides all guests with a superb Grand 7th experience. We meet with local vendors and suppliers on a timely basis to ensure Grand 7th products stay fresh and exciting. We even offer Amazon package pickup service lockers at Grand 7th convenience stores to save customers a trip to the post office.

Franchise Model

The Franchise model ensures that all our stores are quality tested, and we offer frequent consulting to our franchisees to make sure our operations are running successfully. 10.8% of total U.S. retail and food service sales come from convenience stores, and the industry continues to grow year over year. This is the best time to join our family and start running your own Grand 7th Franchising convenience store. Firas Hussain has had a wealth of experience not only starting the Grand 7th Franchise concept from the ground up but also marketing the Grand 7th brand and recognizing customers needs and wants. Firas will be with you every step of the way once you decide to begin this journey to success, and he can’t wait to meet you and tell you more about the Grand 7th Franchising opportunity.

Growth and Success

Grand 7th provides eager entrepreneurs an option for growth and success through a proven business model. Members of the Grand 7th Franchising family will experience firsthand what it means to own a convenience store franchise. Besides multiple channels of income to ensure longstanding business success, you will ensure a financial foundation for your future when you follow the example that Firas has set.

Top-tier Service

Grand 7th is not just a successful convenience store franchise, but also a great part of every community we step foot in. Many people depend on convenience stores close to their homes to feed their families, and Grand 7th takes this approach to a new level. With fresh produce and top-notch restaurants, we go above and beyond to provide our customers ways to feed their families. People look forward to stopping by a Grand 7th just as they would their favorite restaurant, because they know the service is unmatched and the value is superior compared to other convenience stores and restaurants.

Training Program

If you decide to join the Grand 7th Franchise family, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from Firas himself in a week long training program that will teach you the ins and outs of how to make customers smile while running a successful Grand 7th convenience store. Franchising is a proven model and a great option for success. If you are an eager entrepreneur seeking to make your dream of owning your own business come true, Grand 7th is the place to be.

A Welcoming Approach

The best part about Firas’s humble beginnings is his love of working hard to make people happy. Since Grand 7th welcomes and appreciates people from all walks of life, our staff is extensively trained in diversity and inclusion. We want everyone to feel at home when they walk into one of our convenience stores. Here at Grand 7th, we’ve always put the customer first, and it hasn’t steered us wrong thus far. If you’re looking to not only put a dollar in your pocket but also put a smile on people’s faces, Grand 7th Franchising should be your next venture.