Offering More than Convenience: What Consumers Need




Convenience stores are built around the idea that consumers want a fast and easy method for purchasing items throughout the day. For years, c-stores have relied on gas and tobacco sales to keep their business profitable. But gas and cigarettes shouldn’t be the only products. Convenience

Consider Food Service Convenience

From large chain units to mom and pop shops, most can benefit from adding some hot and ready food items on their menu. Many c-store operators recognize that an effective food-service program can increase revenue and also increase new customers as well as customer return rates.

What People Want from C-Stores Convenience

Identifying what consumers want when they make the choice to stop at a convenience store is very important. But what is also essential, is providing consumers with that they need. This makes a convenience store resonate with the demands of consumers. Convenience

Need for Speed

One of the key components to a successful convenience store food program is speed. People shop at convenience stores because they are convenient, which means your food had better be too! That means offering food that is ready to serve and fairly easy to make and keep warm. As a result, you will need compact, easy to use equipment and pre-made food. Offering fresh food is also an excellent way to drive profits, but this option is only realistic for c-stores with space for a small kitchen area. Convenience

Keep it Quality

People have so many options for food in today’s marketplace. From c-stores to superstores, prepared foods are everywhere which means you have to stand out on quality. Because kitchen equipment has vastly improved over the last 20 years, c-stores have changed the game in food-service. They can now offer high quality food items in less or the same time as their fast-food and QSR competitors. People also want quality service, be sure to train your employees on all new equipment so they can offer the very best service to your customers. Convenience

Lean, Mean, and Clean

You must keep a critical eye on the overall appearance of your store. People equate cleanliness with quality, and it will be a crucial factor in fostering consumer confidence in your new food product offerings. No consumer wants to enter a convenience store that is disorderly and not properly cleaned. Appearance goes a long way, especially when you are selling products. Convenience

Great Value

Customers expect a good value when shopping in your store which means the value of the food, products and services you offer must exceed expectation. If you cannot offer these products at a reasonable price, it will be very challenging to sell to consumers. Too high of a price can send consumers to buy another product, or the same product elsewhere. Also, if you’re new to the convenience store space, you may consider serving name brand items with positive customer recognition to help establish value with the customer. Convenience

Creating value for your customers is essential, this ensures that customers are getting quality products for their money. Some examples of creating value is offering discounts on products and food items, bundles, deals, or implementing a coupon program. Which ever way you decide to go about creating value, satisfying customer needs and wants should be on top of your priority list. Convenience

Consistency is Key

Some customers still won’t expect quality food items and products from their local convenience store, which is why you must meet and exceed expectations every time. It is better to only offer five items and do them perfect every time, than it is to offer ten items and only perfect them some of the time. Consistency is essential for building a loyal customer base. Convenience

One indication of quality and excellent service is in the amount of returning customers you receive. The more returning customers you get, the more your customer base grows, and the more money you make down the line. With consistency also brings responsibilities, which can include hiring a quality assurance manager to manage the day to day activities of your convenience store, or you can opt to take on that role yourself.

Offering a Pharmacy

Convenience stores, such as Grand 7th offer a pharmacy inside which gives this convenience store business a competitive edge. Not many other c-stores offer pharmacies, which places Grand 7th as one of the leading convenience store chains in the United States. If you need to pick up a couple of food items and prescriptions, why make two stops? People these days care very much about convenience, and so why not opt for a two-in-one option?

In addition, because pharmacists are one of the highest paid professionals on a convenience store’s payroll, store owners need to maximize the pharmacist’s skills in the most profitable ways possible. This will ensure the pharmacist is equipped and properly trained to offer quality service and prescription drugs to customers. In regard to a Grand 7th, the convenience store chain values customer service and customer wellness, it’s because of these two reasons, Grand 7th is increasing its opening of brick and mortar stores and gaining an ever-increasing customer base. Convenience

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