The Grand 7th Opportunity

Grand 7th


A Business Opportunity

Grand 7th is providing entrepreneurs with an unprecedented opportunity in the convenience store market to own your own Grand 7th franchise. Grand 7th is a convenience store franchise that is breaking the mold on the traditional bland convenience store franchise by offering a variety of unique services and locally sourced products. We have a wide range of local vendors and delicious food products that come directly from the surrounding community, giving Grand 7th that familiar feel.

Next Level shopping

Grand 7th has taken the term “convenience store” to a whole new level, while also providing pharmaceutical services and prescription pickup. Our locations even offer package pickup, storage lockers, and food services; giving Grand 7th owners many opportunities for streams of revenue. Owning a convenience store franchise is a great way to centralize a community and grow a brand quickly through top-notch service and unbeatable prices.

Locally Sourced Products

The biggest opportunity that makes the Grand 7th franchise opportunity different from other convenience store franchise opportunities is our commitment to locally sourced products. We strive to ensure our shelves are always new and exciting, but more importantly stocked with only the freshest ingredients from local vendors. The Grand 7th brand and the Grand 7th franchise model makes the existing convenience store franchise offering obsolete.

A Unique Model

Most convenience stores accompany gas stations and provide small candy, snacks, and drinks; with not much else to be found. Grand 7th completely defies the existing stereotype of simplicity and boring products by establishing award winning restaurants and food services in our convenience store franchise. We provide ample opportunity for growth with a proven business model in an environment ripe for success.

Industry Experience   

You’ll have 24/7 consulting from our owner and founder, Firas Hussain, who has had over 20 years of convenience store franchise experience. He has owned and operated multiple locations across diverse neighborhoods and understands the needs and wants of customers from all different walks of life. Firas has put his heart and soul into his business since the day he started the concept, and he is looking for eager entrepreneurs who share his spirit and dream of providing high quality service to everyone.

In-store Pharmacy

With multiple locations and 24-hour service, Grand 7th aims to perfect the convenience store franchise experience. We also offer delivery services to minimize customer effort and maximize reach. Grand 7th isn’t just a convenience store franchise however, as we also offer pharmaceutical services and prescription pickup in our locations. Prices of pharmaceuticals are skyrocketing beyond belief, and the everyday working person can’t afford to be ridiculously overcharged for necessary medication.

Pharmaceutical Products

Grand 7th is filling the gap that separates necessary medicine and the needs of consumers by stocking Grand 7th locations with high-quality, generic-brand medicine that are as effective as their brand-name competitors for a fraction of the cost. Our capabilities to provide our customers with medicine doesn’t stop there; Grand 7th invites local pharmacists to collaborate and set up a sub-shop at our existing locations, providing consumers with an even larger selection of pharmaceutical products. This gives Grand 7th franchise owners great revenue opportunities by providing customers pharmaceuticals at an affordable price.

A New Standard

Grand 7th convenience stores defy the usual gas station and convenience store model by offering specialty products not found anywhere else, giving owners the opportunity to attract a wide market of customers that may be looking for specialty products around the area. You also have the opportunity of cashing in on passerby customers who have never seen a Grand 7th convenience store before. We hope to one day turn all convenience stores into Grand 7th locations, but by taking advantage of this amazing opportunity you will bring our family one step closer to defining a new standard for convenience stores; one that the hardworking people of this country deserve.

Model of Success

Firas Hussain knows the value of good service, and how to stand out in an increasingly competitive business environment. We assure everyone that they will walk out of a Grand 7th satisfied, happy, and wanting to come back for more. Award winning restaurants, differentiated products, and pharmaceutical services all rolled into a fresh-looking convenience store will define your area as a commercial hub. Grand 7th ensures a proven model of success by establishing great relationships with local vendors, so small businesses from the area can benefit as well.

Franchisees Welcome

This opportunity is made for hardworking, eager entrepreneurs looking to learn the ins and outs of how to run a successful convenience store business that provides unbeatable service to the surrounding community. Many territories have already been locked up with new Grand 7th locations, so don’t hesitate to contact us today to take advantage of the Grand 7th franchise opportunity. Firas is waiting patiently to add new members to the Grand 7th family, and he’ll provide full support to all franchisees moving forward. Take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late!